Tanker 126
2016 KME Eliminator
Tanker 126 is our second out on any type of fire we respond to. It has 3000 gallons of water and is fully equipped with tools and equipment. It carries 2 personnel and is equipped with equipment needed for water supply. It is set up to where it can also be ran as a engine if need be.
Brush 123
2013 3500 Chevorlet Dually
Brush 123 is our first out on outdoor fires. It is licensed for BLS non transport. It is equipped with a gasoline motor driven pump, 200 gallons of water and 10 gallons of foam. It also can be equipped with a set of Hurst extrication Tools for running wrecks on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Winter season and specialized tools for fighting outdoor fires.
Response 122
2010 Chevrolet Suburban
Response 122 is our first out unit on all EMS calls. It carries up to 5 personnel and is equipped with a Extendo Bed roll out tray in the rear cargo area. It is licensed to respond BLS to EMS calls. It is also ran as a command vehicle. It is equipped with command equipment where the highest ranking officer responding can respond first to a fire and have command set up when the first engine arrives.
Engine 127
2007 Sutphen Monarch
Engine 127 is our first out to MVC's, vehicle fires, CO calls, landing zone requests, Etc. It is third out on structural fires and is equipped with specialized structural firefighting tools also. It has a 1500 GPM pump with 750 gallons of water and 25 gallons of foam. It carries 6 personnel and is licensed BLS non transport for EMS calls and is our second out on EMS calls. It has a set of Genesis Extrication Tools as well as composite cribbing and Res-Q-Jac stabilization tools. A Will Burt light tower is on top for lighting the scene up better in the time of need.
Utility 124
2005 Chevrolet 2500HD
Utility 124 is used to haul extra manpower, equipment and tools to and from the scene of a call. It is also our vehicle that members take to go attend training or to just take care of day to day business in.
Engine 128
2000 Ferrara
Engine 128 is our first out on any type of structural fire. It has 1000 gallons of water and a 1250 GPM pump. It is licensed BLS non transport for EMS calls and is our third out on EMS calls. It carries 5 personnel and is equipped with specialized tools and equipment for structural firefighting.
Engine 121 (Retired)
1961 Oren
Engine 121 was the Raphine Volunteer Fire Company's first new Fire Engine. Its only equipped with the tools from its time period and we keep no water on it. It is retired from use and is only used in the summertime to go to local fire dept. parades. It has been awarded many awards for its age and the way it looks.

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